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If you are finding out a convenient and suitable way to work out at home, then you might consider whether a treadmill or an elliptical trainer could be better. In general, there are several factors to look, but the most essential one is to go for a machine which meets your budget as well as fitness goals.


This is one of the most common reasons why people go for an elliptical trainer rather than a treadmill. In general, the elliptical trainer is easy on the joint, particularly the joint of back, hips, knees and feet, and low-impact. Because the feet never leave the trainer’s pedals, there is actually no reverse action or shock to the body. In addition, running on the elliptical could even improve your joints.

Nevertheless, if you still prefer to run, then running on the treadmill would be better for you than running outside on a flat ground because many treadmills are designed with shock absorption feature that helps to take off some of the effects of your joints.

Calorie burn

When it comes to the burning of calorie on the treadmill and elliptical trainer, you could get the same number, or possibly more, by running on a treadmill for 40 minutes to 1 hour compared to 20 minutes on an elliptical trainer.

Interval training on the treadmill could be achieved when you apply the incline option as well as vary the speed level, but on the elliptical trainer, you would be able to change the incline and resistance, thereby making the time of exercising involving more groups of muscle and more intense, which obviously means that more amount of calorie will be burned.

A lot of elliptical trainer models are also made with moveable handle bars which allow user to work lower as well upper body at the same time, thereby burning more amount of calorie than you could only by running where the lower part of your body is involved.


One of the most common reasons why many people simply do not work out is probably boredom as doing the same movement over and over again would be not an enjoyable and pleasant way to kill the time. When it comes to the treadmill, even though running is definitely the same movement, several models will provide runners with entertainment features to keep their mind busy. Nevertheless, the elliptical trainer is also designed so that you could use it in a couple of ways, even to enhance the running.

Another way to make your workout more fun is to apply workout programs. While both treadmill as well as elliptical trainer are made with integrated workout programs, there are generally more options with the elliptical trainer. More specifically, you could just do endurance runs or hill sprints with a treadmill, while the elliptical trainer would offer reverse motion drill, sprint, hill climb and endurance workout for upper body.

Treadmill versus elliptical? Which one better?

In overall, both elliptical trainer as well as treadmill have their own pros and cons to meet your fitness goals and personal preferences. If you need to perform endurance training and speed interval with running, then the best treadmill for home is a good choice; if you want to keep cross train at low impact, then an elliptical trainer would be ideal.

However, always bear in mind that no matter which type of machine you go for, it is completely up to you and the level of exertion on what long-lasting result you would see and the amount of calorie that you burn.

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