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If you are considering the best offset smoker, you may have come across many reviews about this type of smoker as well as other types of smokers such as propane smoker and electric smoker.
In fact, there are various types of smokers on the market. There is no best type of smoker but there is one that suits your need the most.
For your best decision when it comes to what type of smokers to purchase, let’s have a look at different types of smokers as well as their pros and cons.

1/ Charcoal/Offset Smoker

This could be the most popular smoker on the market. The classic design of a offset smoker comes with a long horizontal chamber and an attached box on its side for charcoal and woody chips.

What are its advantages?
  • Many people state that smoking food with a char coal smoker bring out the most flavors. In fact, the flavor that you get from smoking with a char coal smoker is the most traditional one.
  • Most of the charcoal smokers are portable and they don’t take up much space in your back yard.
What are its disadvantages?
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to start a fire, especially if you have no experience. Also it requires you to check regularly to maintain the constant temperature for your food. It will be a big trouble if you smoke a big piece of meat, which requires 10 to 15 hours of smoking.
  • It is also quite expensive to purchase all of the coal as well.

2/ Propane Smoker

A vertical propane smoker is one of the cheapest types of smoker. Normally, it would cost around 200 to 300 dollars to acquire one. A vertical propane smoke come with a long vertical chamber to with different shelves to smoke food. A propane tank is connected to the chamber to provide fuel for the smoking process.
What are its advantages?
  • It is very easy to use, you just need to set the right temperature and the propane smoker will do its job.
  • Most of the propane smokers are very compact and lightweight, which you can bring to anywhere you prefer and they don’t take much space in your house.
  • Another advantage of a propane smoker is that it comes with removable and separate parts, which is quite useful when one of the parts break down and you can replace the broken part easily.
  • It is very versatile that you can cook many types of meat with a propane smoker. Some of the propane smoker can heat up to 500 degrees Celsius.
What are its disadvantages?
  • It is very inconvenient if you run out of propane, especially in the middle of a smoking process. Therefore if you ever used a vertical propane smoker, you always need to check for the fuel level before you start smoking. You should also buy some extra propane tanks and store them in your house so anytime you run out of propane in the tank, you don’t need to go out and buy for new one.

You can also equip yourself with a propane meter to check for the propane level.

  • Most of the propane smokers are small so you need to cut a big pile of meat into smaller parts. It is not suitable if you want to cook a big feast for many people in a short time.
  • A vertical propane smoker is not really suitable in the cold weather because it may lose its heat easily if it comes with a thin metal cover.
There are many ways to deal with this thin cover problem such as covering the propane smoker with a blanket and sealing all of the leaks.

3/ Electric Smoker

An electric smoker is similar to a propane smoker in term of design. Instead of running on propane, like the name suggests, it runs on electricity.
What are its advantages?
  • Just like a vertical propane smoker, an electric smoker allows you to maintain an ideal temperature that you want all the time.
  • Also the cover of any electric smoker is insulated, helping it to maintain the temperature even in the cold weather.
What are its disadvantages?
  • First of all, an electric smoker is much more expensive than other types of smokers. Furthermore, it runs on electricity, which is also a more expensive resource rather than char coal and propane.
  • Just like when you are in the middle of smoking something on your propane smoke, it is also annoying when you lost of the power when you are nearly done with the smoking.
  • There are some models of electric smoker whose parts when they are broken, cannot be replaced. Therefore, if you want to buy an electric smoker, ask about after sales as well as repair services that the manufacture offers.
As you can see, each different type of smoker has their own pros and cons. When you want to decide which type of smoker you want to go for, you need to consider all the benefits and drawbacks. The best type of smoke would be the one which suits most of your needs.
I hope that with this article, you will have more knowledge about different types of smokers and will make the most informed choice when you go out and buy one of these.
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