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Tire dressing, also known as tire shine, is a popular product that would provide you exactly what its name suggests– a new, and shiny look to the tires. In general, it is necessary to choose the best tire shine product that would not only offer a shine to your tires but also extend the durability. Even though buying a suitable product would be quite simple thanks to a lot of useful online reviews, it is often challenging for a beginner to apply the tire shine. In fact, this process would seem intimidating or grueling, but if you follow our five simple steps below to DIY application of the tire shine, you would be able to detail the tires of your car easily as a professional.

In general, it is really important to choose a tire shine product with high quality as the wrong one could damage the wheels as well as the tires of your car and also lower their lifespan. You can easily find most tire shine products from any local auto stores or you could make your own easily. Among various types available in the market, you can select a water-based or solvent-based product, but the former has widely been considered to be more effective and safer.

How to apply the Tire Shine?

Step 1: Properly clean your tires

Get rid of all dirt, grime, and dust from the tires of your car by using a good cleaning equipment and cleaning solution. It would not be enough when you just hose off this part as those elements mentioned earlier would be deeply embedded in the tires. Therefore, it is necessary that you should remove them before using the tire shine.

Step 2: Dry off your tires

Sponge off an amount of water from the car’s tires and let them dry for a couple of minutes. Even though several products could be used on both dry and wet tires, most professional experts recommend you to apply the tire shine on a dry one because there will be less possibility of flicking, dripping, or slinging.

Step 3: Apply the tire shine

Before starting to apply the tire shine, remember to read the instructions thoroughly. In general, different products often are used with different applicators. Therefore, you need to be very careful when applying an aerosol spray can as the product could get into and damage the brakes of your car. In addition, if you are applying a solvent-based product, ensure that you wear protective gloves to keep safe.

Step 4: Allow the tire shine to sit

The instruction that comes with a tire shine product would most possibly provide you its duration. But if you want to have a good measure, it is better to leave it from 10 to 20 minutes. Do not immediately drive off in your vehicle as it will ruin all of your work!

Step 5: Wipe off the remaining tire shine

Dab off the remaining dressing on your tires with a sponge. This step is very important to keep brake dust, dirt and grime from clinging to this part of your car. Also bear in mind that cleaning the tires properly would help to absorb the tire shine easily.

That’s all! Now you can enjoy these revitalized tires of your car. By following our simple guide, you could save a lot of money and complete this process quickly and effectively at your own house. The application of the tire shine is also provided by many professional detailing services if you do not have enough time or believe that your tires require professional care.

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