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  1. Take a safety class

Many people often think that if you could ride bike, then it will be fine with a motorcycle or you could ride it thanks to some instruction videos on YouTube. But those people are totally wrong. Even though riding a motorcycle might seems similar to riding a heavy bike, young people who do not know what they are doing would have themselves killed in serious accidents.

Thus, you should take a safety class before riding a motorcycle as it would help you to acquire basic but useful knowledge and skills to keep safety on the road.

  1. Buy insurance

Even though motorcycles provide the performance with high quality for quite little money, insuring one will cost next to nothing. Generally, your payment each year possibly will not be that higher than payment each month on car insurance. In addition to being the requirement to have a driving license and a law in many states, insurance for motorcycle will give you extra coverage when you need medical treatment for a crash. Depending on your personal background, insurance firms will provide different rates, so you should read a comparison website, call an insurance agent, or just request quote from some companies.

  1. Get your driving license

Even when you have pass a MSF class, you will still have to get a driving license. It would be a little boring but good news is that you will only need to take the written part of this test. Several people would tell you to buy your motorcycle in cash and not to care about getting the license. And this is one of the reason why law enforcement officers do not like motorcyclists.

Other people would tell that you do not need to get a full license by renewing learner’s permit continually. If you have attended a MSF class, getting the learner’s permit will only take as much effort as learning a full license. Always be responsible and acquire a full driving license.

  1. Buy safety accessories

Safety gear might not make a rider feel cool or convenient, but it is an incredibly important factor that helps you from exposing the head to the road or leaving the epidermis on the ground. I understand better than to think that those who ride wear full safety suit, but no one knows why a Moto GP rider get up from the wreck seeming more upset than dead? This is not due to the track with couch cushions, but mainly because he is wearing a full toe-to-head safety gear.

Even when riding without helmet is legal in your state, you should wear gloves, a motorcycle jacket and a full face vega x888 helmet whenever you ride on the road. You will not always listen to this, but if you crash while just wearing a T-shirt, it will hurt your body a lot. You should also wear motorcycle boots and pants, but I am not silly enough to think that you will do that each time you ride across the city to the house of your friend.

Unlike the first motorcycle, your first safety gear set should not be disposable or inexpensive. The motorcycle itself is not significant, but you are not. Thus, remember to go for safety gear with high quality. If you spend 1000 USD on your safety gear and 1000USD on a motorcycle, it will be better than when you purchase a 2000-USD bike and wear a second-hand helmet.

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