Benefits of Oil Free Hot Air Fryer

Deep fried foods is absolutely tasty and also could have recently been each favored or even for the bad large excess fat content. Thus, are you able to fry without the need for oil? Are you able to make oil-free or perhaps low-fat melted foods which is furthermore tasty?

What is Oil-Free Hot Air Fryer?

The particular hot good air fryer can be a modern day kitchen gadget in which lets you fry foods without oil. Today, just how will be in which achievable? In the event you have been to share with in which to be able to Grandma, she would almost certainly inform you the foods would certainly style badly dried up and also tasteless. All things considered, deep-frying inside a great deal of oil is definitely the best way to take in melted foods your actually great meltdown externally, wet and also soft inside of.

With all the progressive hot air pot, you may nonetheless have the crispy exterior and also wet inside of result yet minus the excess fat. This kind of getting-to-be popular healthful fryer cooks the foodstuff making use of hot air.

How Philips AirFryer kitchen appliance works (more…)


Traveling with Children Things to Consider

In your younger years, you can just pack your bag and leave. You have no worries about where your itchy feet will lead you. You do not even bother booking an accommodation in advance and you can stay even in hostels. A typical day during a holiday would most probably include a lot of walking, trying out activities that unleash your adventurous spirit, and partying until the break of dawn. You are more open towards meeting new faces and enjoying your chosen destination with them. All of these, however, will change at one point of your life – once you become a parent.


Having a child is a huge blessing, in the same way that it is a big responsibility. It requires preparedness on your part. You have to embrace new things and act on a new role. Whether you like it or not, your life will have a full turn. Gone where the days where you can just leave anytime. This time, you do not only have to think of (more…)


Tools for speedier, easier deck installations

Building decks are no walk in the park. Digging post holes, driving lag screws, nailing joist hangers, notching 6 bys, and screwing decking take its tool on your tools and your body. Having some deck dedicated tools can cut time off your next job, conserve your energy, and maybe even get you out of a jam.


Cordless Impact Drivers: Not having the best impact driver during a deck project is just costing you time. A 9.6,12 or 14.4-volt tool packs a huge punch and works great for sinking 1/2 inch lag screws and cinching up carriage bolt assemblies, posts, and balusters. And for some under deck fastening systems, these tools offer the mobility and speed you need, especially if you’re tightening deck boards on your back.

Auto-Feed Screwgun: If you’re using screws to fasten decking to framing, the only way to go is with an auto feed screw gun that shoots a wide range of collated, deck specific fasteners. The long extension handles will give you great leverage and help save your lower back. And the corrosion-resistant fasteners are specially designed to penetrate into the surface, leaving a clean, finished deck. (more…)


How you can maintain your seafood refreshing?


Do you love Tom & Jerry? Yes, you do. You may be very happy with your pet in your home making fun. Nevertheless, when you are making some delicious sea foods, your pets can come near the foods, steal food and finally they will take rest on sofa/bed etc. They will leave their fur on your furniture or even carpets. So, how can you solve this problem? I have an idea. You can get the best vacuum for stairs to remove it and enjoy the funny moments of Tom & Jerry at your home.

How the cafes maintain their own seafood refreshing? Can you just think about this particular issue because you consume away? This short article should solve this particular issue through detailing exactly how seafood is actually held refreshing.

Among the most secure as well as organic meals that are present in cafes tend to be ocean meals. When the meals are purchased from the marketplace, or even generated within the cafes with a provider, ways to maintain this refreshing would be to ensure that this continues to be frigid. The most typical associated with seafood deep freeze in temperatures associated with about twenty-seven degrees F.

Understanding which means that cafes about the shelf living by managing this particular temperatures within the places seafood is actually saved, and with regard to baking. Sometimes, sustaining temperatures in round the ice cooling stage additionally maintains the actual seafood without needing to deep freeze this. (more…)


How Vacuum Sealers are benefited for You

There are tons regarding techniques any best vacuum sealer can save you funds. It is possible to retain locations further time, seller seasons create more time, obtain items available for sale and also inside volume, and also retailer the back garden greens more time. In the occasion you take in locations, you understand that the majority of folks basically dispose of plenty of foods. The foodstuff price range will be considerable as it is probably the costs in which, when well-managed, will make a positive change inside the common family member’s expendable revenue. Unless you need locations many nights in the line, an excellent vacuum sealer can easily abate in which difficulty. Next, it is possible to gladly grab the long run locations any time that appear interesting once more.

Image 3

How long store food with vacuum Sealer?

Unless you take in locations, economic system remains effective for you. You can obtain season’s crop and veggies if they are usually added refreshing and also low-cost. Next, you need to use any vacuum sealer to be able to sustain the particular fruit and veggies for some time. This technique furthermore works together meats. (more…)


How to opt for the best pool pump

For many years, the swimming has become one of the most favorite sports activities in all over the world of many people. They usually go to the pools in the public areas with their friends or relative to relax after the overload of working and studying. The affluent families usually build the swimming pool to pursue their hobby. If they want to construct a swimming pool, they need to have a proper pool pump. It is very difficult for people to opt for the poop pump because to choose the right one, they need to understand about it. To deal with this problem, today we will share with you some information about the pool pump to help you have a closer look at this equipment.

1.    The brand

When the demands on the swimming pool have increased, the manufacturers have a tendency to produce more and more pool pump to adapt the requirements of the customers. Because of the wide spreading production, some companies produce the pool pump with the lower quality which cannot meet the pool owner’s requirements. They usually confused which brand they should purchase.

In the market, there are a huge number of the pool pump brands with a thousand of the different pool pump. However, it is very difficult for people to recognize which brand is reliable. Today, we will recommend you some popular brand in the world.

Firstly, when we talk about the pool pump, we should think about the Hayward pool pumps which have a long history during 80 years in the industry of producing the pool. The buyers usually considered this brand as the top providers of the world. Their products include both the in-ground pool pump and the above ground pool pump. The products of this brand enable to be suitable for all kinds of the pool. There are some best pool pumps of the Hayward brands such as the energy efficient power flo matrix, the power flo LX or the tri-star.



Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-pound Expressbake Breadmaker

The bread is relatively time­-consuming and labor-­intensive, especially in the process of shaping and mold cleanup process. Therefore, the use of a bread maker to support this process is absolutely necessary. You do not need to use a large budget to invest in an expensive equipment to perform this task.

Image Source:

A brand named manufacturer’s CKSTBRTW20 Oster great idea for a family with not too many members because it is possible to meet your needs. With relatively simple setup, you can use easily without having to spend too much for this device. With 9 programmable functions available, you can do various types of bread, such as French bread, toast, bread Europe, fresh bread and even pizza with grill function express. You can apply to many types of bread baking expectations perfectly. Besides, the manufacturer installed the timer function to avoid case you did not notice the time and always make sure you have fresh bread when necessary.

Special Features

Image Source:

Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-pound Expressbake Breadmaker is one of the most common bread and the most popular on the market today because of the remarkable features that it brings as well as ensuring optimum savings , is the first choice for users at a price below $ 100. A savings option, simple, easy to use for beginners comes with detailed user guide. The special feature of this device can be listed as:

● Panel LCD screen used to display the stages of the process of making bread so you can easily monitor, access and correction.

● Bakes bread for 1 hour with super speed settings, and can keep warm after baking process is finished, and there is a delay timer up to 13 hours.

● Memory function with 6­Minute conditions applied in a power outage, it will have time to memorize a maximum of 6 minutes, however if the outage period is longer, you will have to start making it again.

● Use the power 115V, 60Hz with a large capacity, you absolutely can bake a loaf of 2 pounds.

● Set up the installation with 9 different functions for different types of bread such as basic bread, whole wheat, European breads, dough, rolls, sweet bread … and 3 installation settings for shells (1.5lbs, and quickly grilled 2.0lbs), a total of 12 settings to help you choose the most appropriate mode. There are 3 different level settings for layers including light, medium and dark. This is a large variety of options for a machine at this price line.

● A viewport is a great feature of this device because it allows you to track progress as planned barbecue available. Thanks to the window grill, you do not need to open up to intervene in the process of baking.

● Equip accompanying kits as if measuring, cup, edged tools to manipulate and especially potty special recipes that Oster CKSTBRTW20 wants to send to the users.

● Additional features such as Oster help Expressbake of bread fermentation time quickly over a period of more than an hour. It actually increase efficiency and save time, but you should consider before using by bread made in this manner are usually darker and thicker crust than usual when baked at high temperatures . You can not use the time delay in applying this feature. Therefore, to achieve the best performance, you should apply the correct formulas that Expressbake attached instructions. It is a wise choice in case you need to produce bread in a short time.

● The company produces policy applied 1­ year warranty for this product occurs when any defect during use. However, they are not responsible for the problems of wear and tear and damage caused by users not following the rules.

Conclusions from the reviews of the user

Oster is one of the most preferred manufacturer for users, because they always try to provide quality products at the most appropriate price. With such prices, Oster does not offer some other features like high ­end product lines, such as custom programming capabilities, additional fruits and nuts automatically … About aesthetic , designed by Oster CKSTBRTW20 is considered relatively bland, so if you are picky about these factors, you should probably consider and look at other products.


Mountain bikers outnumber the cattle in Wyoming’s Curt Gowdy State Park

Czech Republic Mountain bikers outnumber the cattle in Wyoming’s Curt Gowdy State Park

WINDMILLS ALONG WYOMING’S STATE ROAD 210 TOWER BOTH ominously and beautiful above the stark landscape. Their centers churn so slowly that the blades rotate at a ghostly crawl. But let your eyes drift to the blade’s tip, and It silently slices through the air with dizzying speed. Across the road from these technological wonders Is a procession of bison, antelope and red hued rocks emerging from grassy fields as If waking from a long slumber.

Halfway between Laramie and Cheyenne, the arch announcing the entrance to Curt Gowdy State Park opens to a surprising scene for a state known for having more cattle than residents. Bikes are everywhere. They’re rolling on trails, mounted to cars and parked next to fishing rods, canoes or paddleboards In nearly every one of the park’s 145 campsites. Curt Gowdy is designed for people to kick up their feet and stay awhile, with 37 miles of trail and luxurious amenities like showers and pit toilets so clean you could eat off the floor that is, If you’re the type of disgusting Individual who eats off pit toilet floors.

Unfolding the map is like being a kid trying to wrap your mind around a Disney World kiosk. Squiggly lines of all colors sprawl across both sides of the map, enticing forefingers to trace invisible adventures. Here, you don’t need to know someone to ride ‘the goods.’ Instead, the best trails are front and center, built by many to be shared with all. There are even numbered signs giving directionally challenged visitors virtual ‘You are here’ markers throughout the trail system.

With camp erected and the shadow of dusk erasing red and purple hues from the Laramie Mountains, flickering campfires across the reservoir hover In the darkness like fireflies. At this moment, hundreds of people are leaning back In their chairs dreaming of tomorrow. It’s hard to imagine that 10 years ago this trail system was nothing more than fancy plans and a hair brained goal. After all, who in their right mind would try to create a mountain bike destination from scratch in the high plains of Wyoming?

Now’s the time when whoever is telling the story of how Curt Gowdy came to be brings up Todd Thibodeau. As an avid mountain biker, outdoorsman and planning coordinator for Wyoming State Parks, his enthusiasm for the park brims through a constant smile. He’s one of those guys who lives to share the land around him with others, no matter their ability, fitness or experience. He’s also a guy who thinks in 10 year terms and wants to do things right the first time out.

“We started with the goal of becoming a trails destination,” says Thibodeau, “which meant having enough trails that you can’t ride them all in one day.” A plan to improve the park with 35 miles of professionally built singletrack garnered funding from federal grants, conservation groups and private donations, along with volunteer support from various user groups. Three years after ground broke in 2006, the park was designated an ‘Epic’ by the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Since creating the trails, visitation has increased three fold to nearly 150,000 this past year, with riders coming from as far away as Scotland and the Czech Republic.

The 3,500 acre park is roughly divided into two halves around the Crystal and Granite Springs Reservoirs. On the west end, the Stone Temple Circuit trail acts like an easily accessible CliffsNotes of what the area has to offer, letting riders who aren’t up to all day epics experience the park’s massive granite outcroppings, play on rock slabs saddled next to a butter smooth trail and flow through aspen groves that turn mountain bike dabblers into knobby addicts. With jumping off points to six other trails, the only question is, ‘Where to next?’

Expert riders get an early chance to quench their thirst for tight, technical maneuvering through the rocks that are the namesake of Igneoramus. Keeping with Curt Gowdy’s ‘Choose Your Adventure’ style of riding, you can either swoop through Rock N’ Roller’s rolling meadows or test tire grip on the granite steeps along 2%.
El Alto is the kind of trail that makes mere mortals think, “Well, I needed to take my bike for a walk anyway.” But the effort of picking through piles of boulders seemingly designed to swallow front wheels whole is rewarded when the hillside falls away, unveiling a mountaintop view that spills all the way to the horizon. By now, it’s abundantly clear: This isn’t a place where you whip out 20 miles in two hours. This is a place where the world spins a little slower and the trails are meant to be savored.

Routes along Mo Rocca and Crow Creek turn everything you thought you knew about flow upside down. Ribbons woven between rocks and trees feel deceptively fast, even when ridden at a plodding pace. One moment you’re gazing at the chameleon shaped rock formation towering from its bed of trees, the next you’re on a two wheeled float trip through the pines or discovering a mini slot canyon with a waterfall to cool your head. With six ‘Play Areas’ composed of progressive obstacles that can entertain for hours, it almost feels like the park is messing with you by constantly enticing you to stop and play when there’s so much more to ride.

The east end of the park provides incredible views of Crystal Springs Reservoir along with some of the most challenging trails in the park. On Middle Kingdom, riders can sink into sculpted berms and flow off of rock slabs like water. The exposure on Cliffhanger is enough to require a bonus pair of chamois, while some of the rockiest sections of Canyons look like a giant dined on a field of boulders, spat out the craggy remnants and then called it a trail. It’s one of those trails that everyone hates everyone except those who live to ride trails like that.

That’s the thing about Curt Gowdy. No matter what your taste fast and flowy, slow and technical or brutally demoralizing the adventure is yours to create.

Nothing at Curt Gowdy is by accident, from its diverse singletrack, trails that feel empty even when the park is full and the way every ride is punctuated with a decadent descent. Curt Gowdy’s success has spawned its own mountain bike summer camp, winter plans to groom trails for fatbiking, and a bigger and possibly better trail system at Wyoming’s Glendo State Park. Staring up at the windmills whose appearance signal the end to yet another great ride, it’s hard not to be in awe of how much power can result from a slow and methodical churn.


What will you Think Before Buying Commercial Meat Grinder?

You’ll find many possibilities available inside market regarding Commercial Meat Grinders along with meat grinder reviews company creates a lot of pledges to offer good quality solutions. On the other hand, nearly all commercial grinders could possibly have a number of troubles which in turn are not able to match the buyer’s hope. Consumers must be quite frugal even though starting the process of to acquire a new meat farming appliance. You should always be curious ample regarding the components must be remembered even though purchasing the appliance.


What will you Think:

The quality of meat to get terrain is often a crucial concern even though choosing a grinder. If your grinder will be suited for the commercial time frame and then it should be equipped which has a highly effective electric motor which could course of action significant levels involving meat grinder reviews. This kind of grinders appears in (more…)


How good is your benefits package (part 2)

Look beyond health insurance to offer motivational benefits

Medical insurance is provided by nearly all responding building supply retailers with sales of 1 Million or more and almost 80 percent of retailers with sales less than $1 million, according to BSHC’s study. in contrast, only 43 percent of the respondents offer profit sharing; 30 percent, a 401k plan; 21 percent, tuition reimbursement; 13 percent, flex time; 12 percent, stock options; and 0.7 percent day care assistance. But savvy retailers are looking beyond health insurance to offer a benefits package that both accommodates employees’ varied needs and prompts behavior favorable to the company’s bottom line.

One such retailer, The Paty Co. in Piney Flats, Tenn., pays employees to exercise. Every month, an employee who completes 30 units or more of any combination of aerobic activities receives 24 cents per exercise unit. Before they begin bicycling, swimming, and running for money, employees must undergo a complete physiological assessment, the cost of which the company splits with the participant. “We have determined through our assessment process people who are very likely to have heart attacks,” says John Kiss, Paty’s vice president of marketing. The company’s unusual wellness program has improved employee productivity and morale and has helped rein in climbing insurance costs.

All American Home Center prides itself on being at the vanguard of the employee benefits field, says Greg Fuller, vice president of human resources. The Downey, Calif. based independent offers employees both a profit sharing and a 401 k plan. “In our Share The Profits plan, we evenly distribute 20 percent of our pre tax profits to all of our associates,” says Fuller. The company’s 401k plan calls for All American can to contribute 50 cents for each dollar the employee pays in up to 6 percent of the employee’s gross income.

Almost unheard of in retailing, All American even has a comprehensive benefits package for part time employees, which includes paid vacation. sick pay, and coverage under the company’s HMO plan. “Our part time benefits package probably exceeds most retailers’ full-time benefits package,” Fuller says. This largess is less an expense than an investment in talent. “Our policy is that we don’t hire full time people from the outside. People know that when you’re hired at All American part time, you have the opportunity to work full time and get into management.”

Female employees favor flex time and tuition reimbursement

Employers must embrace nontraditional benefits to appeal to the changing work force. BSHC’s compensation report reveals significant differences in the benefits desired by men and women. Women are almost four times as likely to want day care assistance and more than twice as likely to want flex time and tuition reimbursement.

Day care assistance does not necessarily mean having an on-site facility, which most retailers could never afford, says Kesner. Rather, such assistance can range from letting employees pay for day care with pre tax dollars to sponsoring slots at a good day care center near the store.

Flex time is a benefit that even the smallest retailers can provide. In fact, according to BSHC’s study, when it comes to flex time, companies with sales under $1 million surpass larger retailers. With sales of $500,000 a year and only two permanent employees, Fickes Home Center in St. Charles, Iowa, can’t afford to provide any other benefits, says manager Clyde Fickes. “As small as we are, flextime is about the only thing I can offer.”

Home Depot, on the other hand, could add a slew of benefits, but the chain has taken a different approach toward compensation. “Our benefits philosophy is that we want to put more money in the employee’s paycheck and let them spend it as they deem appropriate,” says Rogers. “So we don’t put a lot into our benefits package.” Though it may be limited in scope, the package is a pearl; it pivots around two key benefits, an employee stock ownership plan and a stock purchase plan that enables employees to buy the company’s stock at a 15 percent discount.

For every buck that an employer puts out, there’s a value perception by employees,” Kesner says. “Good communication can improve the cost value relationship.” Employers should make employees aware of the company’s benefits philosophy. Employees should be told the total costs of their benefits, so they won’t resist when asked to pay a small share. And retailers should home in on the benefits that employees truly value.


How good is your benefits package (part 1)

Would it be better to raise the health insurance deductible or the employee’s share of the premium payment Will a wellness program lower sick pay and insurance rates while boosting productivity and morale

As health care costs zoom skyward at a rate of 18 percent a year, many building supply retailers are wrestling with such questions. But as they reassess their benefits packages, searching for ways to economize, smart retailers know that curbing costs should not mean slashing benefits. Considering the high rate of employee turnover, companies that offer the most appealing benefits have a significant edge over competitors when it comes to attracting and keeping top-notch employees.

The increasing diversity of today’s work force aggravates the retailer’s dilemma of satisfying employee expectations without sacrificing profits. With more women, single parents, and senior citizens in the work place, clearly one benefits package does not fit all. Yet far from being a no-win situation, this quandary is forcing retailers to find creative solutions that ultimately will benefit both employers and employees.

Benefits packages often prove that employees are out of touch with their workers’ wants and needs, says Michael Kesner, national head of Compensation Practice at Arthur Andersen Co., who helped analyze the results Of BSHC’s newly released compensation study. For example, building supply retailers are more likely to offer life insurance as a benefit than disability insurance, the study shows. That seems out of whack with reality’ Kesner says. Given the relatively young age of the industry’s work force, an employee’s chances of becoming disabled are much higher than dying.

Employers tend to squander tremendous amounts of money on benefits that employees don’t even appreciate, Kesner says. At most companies, the cost value relationship of the benefits is very, very low. Employees don’t know how much things cost, and they focus on the negative parts of the benefits. So the employer is spending a lot of money and getting nothing good in return.

Guessing what benefits employees hold dear can be a costly blunder. This realization prompted Ernst Home & Nursery to conduct a formal survey, in which employees were asked to specify the benefits of greatest value and whether they would be willing to pay more for better benefits. Now we have a better idea of what our employees really want, says Tom Cranney, benefits & compensation manager for the Seattle-based chain.

As a result, Ernst will roll out a flexible, or cafeteria style, benefits program in February 1992. The whole gist behind flexible benefits is to shift the cost to employees in the most palatable way by letting them choose the benefits that best meet their needs, Cranney says. Ernst will implement its flexible benefits program in three phases, progressing from a simple, modular approach to one that offers an array of alternatives. Initially, Ernst will offer three different levels of the plan with three corresponding fees and let employees choose the module that best meets their needs. In the second year, employees will be presented with three choices in medical insurance, three choices in dental insurance, an eye care plan, and different levels of life insurance and long-term disability.

Probably in year four, we’ll give employees a specific dollar amount and let them pick whatever benefits they want, Cranney says. For example, if I have $700 to spend, maybe I don’t want the $600 medical plan; maybe I want the medium plan that costs only $400, so I can spend the other $300 on dental, vision, and life. And if I don’t spend all that money, maybe I can buy more vacation, contribute it to my 401k, or take it in cash.

Jay K Independent Lumber has embraced another type of cafeteria plan the flexible spending account which is a product of federal tax law. Under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service Code, employees can opt to set aside a predetermined amount of their gross income, which will not be taxed, for medical expenses not covered by their health insurance plan, dental care, eyeglasses, day care, and personal legal fees. We’ve decided that it will be a great savings for Jay K, says Pat Buckley, the New Hartford, N.Y. retailer’s personnel manager.

Flexible spending accounts can save retailers as much as 10 percent in taxes, emphasizes Karyn Hurley Tuff, vice president of Kipfer Associates in Syracuse, N.Y., which is setting up the plan for Jay K. Employers don’t have to pay social security, workers’ compensation, or disability on the money that is set aside.

Employees at Jay K should find a flexible spending account especially welcome because the company has always had a medical insurance plan with a $1,000 deductible, according to Kevin Kelly, JayK’s president. When the flexible spending plan is implemented, employees will be able to set aside pre tax money to pay that steep deductible. Although the $ 1,000 amount seems like a heavy burden for employees to bear, Kelly says it has been a boon to his associates. Because of the deductible, Jay K continues to pay the full cost of the medical insurance premium for employees and their families.

But for a $28 million company, Jay K is unusual in its stance against raising the employee’s share of insurance expenses. According to BSHC’s compensation study, more than half of building supply retailers with sales in excess of $10 million have recently increased participants’ costs.

Home Depot is a case in point. We’ve made two employee contribution increases in one year because health care costs are going through the roof, says Deedy Rogers, employee services director of the 25,000 employee chain. The deductible for single coverage was raised from 200 to $250. And the employee’s share of the dependent coverage premium increased by $5 per paycheck.

Employees should assume some of the costs of their medical insurance coverage, says Arthur Andersen’s Kesner. If employees are totally insulated from the cost of medical insurance, they tend to be bad consumers. They will check into a hospital emergency room for a sore throat.


Graco Magnum 262800 X5


Are you a homeowner or a handyman in search of a paint sprayer for light and occasional paint works? Then, you landed on the right page because the Graco Magnum X5 is a light-duty sprayer designed for infrequent, interior and exterior paint projects. This sprayer weighs 18.8 pounds, has dimensions of 19.4 x 15 x 12.8 inches, comes with a 25-ft airless hose, holds a maximum pressure of 2800 PSI, renders a maximum delivery rate of 0.24 GPM, runs on 0.5 HP motor, and can be used with a maximum tip size of 0.015.

The unit also comes with an Operational DVD and Quick Start-up Guide.


Thanks to Graco’s state-of-the-art technology, users of Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer can enjoy a great deal of benefits and advantages when painting.

1. Renders More Output

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer renders about 13% more output than does the Magnum Project Painter Plus Sprayer.

2. Light and compact 

Owing to the sprayer’s brilliant engineering design, the unit weighs light, which makes it easy for the user to move the sprayer while doing light painting tasks. It also comes in small, compact, single-set packing, which makes it easy to store the unit after use.

3. Easy to clean and maintain

The sprayer does not require high maintenance work, and servicing of module is generally simple and easy. You can clean the gun, pump and hose by simply attaching the hose with the soapy liquid and by using the Power Flush cleaning adapter for fast cleanup. It also comes with 8-ounces of pump armor storage fluid so you can keep it in good condition.

4. Reasonably priced

If you want value for your money, you cannot go wrong investing it in Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer, which is highly reliable, durable, easy to use, efficient, and capable of delivering quality outputs and finishes. It can also be used with thick materials such as elastomeric paint so you can do a wide range of light and occasional paint works.


The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer is designed only for light and occasional paint tasks. As such, it may not be the best paint sprayer for doing heavy and large-scale paint jobs.

The Best Feature of the Product

1. Adjustable Knob

The sprayer’s easy-to-grasp knob and user-friendly operating modes make it easy for the user to adjust the pressure level and settings of the sprayer.

2. Pump 

The stainless steel piston pump of the sprayer can render a maximum delivery rate of 0.24 GPM or pump through the hose one to five gallons of paint fluid at a time directly from a container. The recommended annual usage is 125 Gallons.

 3. Stand

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer comes with a durable and stable stand, which allows the user to work with great ease.

4. Cleansing Flush

The sprayer’s power flush mode allows for fast cleanup. Just attach the hose and flush the system using the appropriate cleansing liquid.

5. Plug

The end of the power cord lights or glows up to indicate the sprayer’s power source.

6. Handle

The sprayer’s built-in carrying handle allows the user to easily move from one place to another.

7. Stainless Steel Piston Pump

The sprayer’s highly durable piston-pump allows it to stay in good condition for a longer period of time.

8. Auto-Prime

The sprayer’s auto-prime feature helps reduce, if not totally eliminate, priming problems usually encountered by users.

9. Durable Stand Mount

The durable stand mount keeps the unit in a stable position while the user is working.

10.  Long hose

The 25-ft (7.5 m) DuraFlex airless hose that comes with the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer allows the user to reach far heights and distances when spraying so the user will not have to move too often when spraying. The flexible pick-up hose also allows for the sprayer to pump one to five gallons of paint directly from the container.

11. Auto-stop function

Another great feature of this sprayer is that the pump and motor stops automatically when the gun trigger is released. This keeps the sprayer from overheating.

 Customer score, customer reviews

To date, the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer has an overall rating of 4.3. Majority of reviewers who purchased and used the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer gave it a five-star rating with positive feedbacks by which one can verify how reliable, durable, and efficient the sprayer is. With the positive reviews that the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer has received, there is no doubt that it is able to support its claims and deliver on its promises.


The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer is ideal for homeowners and handymen who need to do occasional light paint jobs such as walls, doors, siding, fences, decks, and house interiors or exteriors. It creates light to medium coating thickness and has a recommended annual usage of up to 125 gallons or 473 liters of paint.  Its light weight and compact design makes it easy for the user to work with it, clean it and to store it.

If you want satisfying results that are definitely worth the money you will be spending on a sprayer, you cannot go wrong with the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 airless paint sprayer as it is equipped with everything a sprayer needs to deliver high quality results with great ease and efficiency when doing light and occasional paint jobs


Delio breathes new life into term catholic

In the introduction to her 2011 book, The Emergent Christ, Franciscan Sr. Ilia Delio enthusiastically tells her readers that she has discovered “a fresh, new meaning” for the word catholic. She found it in the book Where Is Knowing Going?, in which the author, Jesuit Fr. John Haughey, explained that term catholic comes from the Greek katholikos.

Kata, a preposition meaning “through,” and holou, a noun meaning “the whole,” when coupled become kath’ holou, an adverb meaning wholly. “Katholikos, a substantive that is best rendered ‘catholicity’ in English, … connotes movement towards universality or wholeness,” Haughey wrote.

The parsing of katholikos planted a seed in Delio’s consciousness. “Haughey’s insights into catholic liberate this word from layers of history that have enclosed it in a sealed tight container, opening it up to its truest meaning as the very inner dynamic of an evolutionary universe,” she wrote in The Emergent Christ.

Catholicity continued to germinate in Delio’s subsequent book, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being (2013). And now in her latest work, Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness, the word bears its first fruits.

“The early Greeks coined the word catholic to describe attunement to the physical order. … To live in catholicity was to have a sense of the cosmos or the whole order of things,” Delio explains in the introduction.

The early Christians adopted the word catholic to describe the church because, for them, Jesus was a “whole maker,” whose love, mercy and compassion healed a fragmented humanity Jesus signified a new creation, and for the early church “to have a sense of the whole was to have a consciousness of Christ and to gather into community as one in Christ.”

Unfortunately, as the church became an intellectual and cultural force with the rise of Constantine, the meaning of catholicity was detached from wholeness, and the cosmos and was conflated with orthodoxy, the pope and the institutional church.

Delio spends the first section of the book charting the decline of catholicity throughout Christian history. The downward spiral began in the fourth century with the development of the Nicene Creed a confessional prayer that was intended to “consolidate the Christian faith in the empire” when the Greek katholikos was translated into Latin as universalis, which means “to turn as one.”

Though the Council of Nicea quelled the raging battle over the nature of Jesus’ divinity, the result was that Christians forgot how to “see God amid the stars” and instead focused on defending doctrine.

“Catholicity was no longer a function of cosmology but orthodoxy,” Delio writes.

Though the theology of Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas reintegrated the cosmos, God and the human person, the subsequent rise of Scholasticism in the 12th century subjected God and the cosmos to logic and analytical reasoning. Theology became dominated by left brain thinking.
Scientific study only exacerbated the problem. When Copernicus proved, in the 16th century, that the Earth revolved around the sun, the resulting heliocentrism relegated “the human person to the margins of a spinning planet.” Humans were disconnected from cosmos, and God no longer gave creation its meaning and purpose.

By the late 19th century, catholicity devolved into a set of rules and instructions. “Like Newton’s world, the Church was governed by law and order; a mechanistic church in a mechanistic world,” Delio writes. The systematization of grace and personal salvation left “the natural world bereft of any sacred meaning other than its usefulness in serving humanity.”

“We have become the most unnatural of species, disconnected from nature and from one another,” Delio writes. This artificial separation between human beings and the cosmos may be the greatest contributor to the ecological degradation that now threatens our very existence.

Followers of Delio’s work will not be surprised to discover that she reaches out to the Teilhard de Chardin for hope. “By bringing together evolution and Christianity in a single vision, Teilhard restored catholicity to its original meaning: consciousness of belonging to a whole and making new wholes by thinking and acting toward wholeness.”

But religion has a long way to go before it becomes a place where catholicity can thrive, Delio says. Though most world religions are united in their concern for justice, peace, care for the poor, and stewardship of the Earth, they still remain deeply divided on theological and moral issues. None of them has integrated the cosmos and evolution into their religious code.

“World religions are basically united on the level of human welfare, but divided on human destiny,” she writes.

Delio offers up both Pope Francis and the U.S. Leadership Conference of Women Religious as models of catholicity in our times, but argues that the institutional church to which they are attached will need to transform into an “open system” in order to recover its own catholicity

Using insights from systems theory, she suggests that the church currently operates as a “closed system” because it does not allow its external environment to affect the way it functions. Instead, it “rims according to law and order.”

Delio envisions an “open systems church” that would be grounded in openness to God and the newness of life, and willing to accept itself as an organic body that is part of an evolutionary process. Its leaders should act as “designers, stewards, and teachers,” rather than monarchs who rule over a powerless people.

“In a self organizing world of open systems, all change is local,” Delio writes. “Universal change is virtually impossible.” This, she argues, is the key reason why Vatican n struggled to implement universal changes. An open systems church would have to be open to allowing change on the local level.

The church, obviously, is not there yet, and Delio sees catholicity and whole making bursting with far more life in the world outside of religious institutions. She reflects on the crowds she witnessed at a recent jazz festival and at a Nationals baseball game. “I had an experience of what a ‘christified’ world might look like, a world of many different persons, nationalities, cultures, and religions, sharing the earth, joining together in the rhythm of life.”

What makes Delio unique among contemporary Catholic spiritual writers is her interest in futuristic technology and her willingness to contemplate its impact on the evolution of human consciousness. She devotes significant reflection to the predictions of “transhumanists,” those who “look to a postbiological future where superinformational beings will flourish and biological limits such as disease, aging, and death will be overcome.”

Though she warns that our increasing dependence on machines threatens to depersonalize and isolate us, she holds out hope that we can harness technology for a transcendent and unified goal. “We are created for wholeness, and thus we are created for community. Technology can enhance or deepen life, but it depends on how we use it,” she writes.

Those who are new to Delio’s work should feel comfortable starting with this book since, throughout its pages, she summarizes many of the fundamental lessons and ideas of her earlier work. Making All Things builds upon many of Delio’s previous insights, but its greatest contribution is the new life that she breathes into the word catholic.

Her book may not help progressive Catholics reclaim their church, but it will greatly aid them in making sense of their ties to the Catholic tradition and in finding new reasons to claim their Catholic identity. It will also deepen the possibilities of those, especially among the millennial generation, who seek tp realize the ideals of religion whole making, community building and spiritual practice outside of the institutional church.


Removing the backyard colossus


A rusty old fence on a property speaks volumes about its owners. Or, rather, it shouts really unfortunate things about them to the entire neighborhood, such as “We’re weird, and our devil dog might eat your children.” But you only have a cat!


1. First, snip the tie wires that hold the fabric of the chain link to the top rail and posts, then loosen the bolts on the tension bands, the connectors that hold the tension bar to the end posts. Do the same to the brace bands that hold the top rail to the other posts. Drop the chain link fabric and roll it up. Slide the top rail out and set It aside.

2. The end posts are usually set in concrete. Dig an oval shaped hole around the concrete footing and pry it out using a pinch point bar. The post itself also works as a lever if you pull the top toward you, then rotate the footing up and out of the hole. Alternatively, a large hydraulic fence post jack can pull a post out of the ground, footing and all. If you rent one of these, you’ll find it’s worth every penny.

3. If the concrete footing rests far enough underground, you can also use a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade to cut the post flush with the ground, and pound the stub with a sledgehammer until it’s sufficiently deep to be safe. Sometimes when doing this, you’ll get lucky and the footing will break up. Then you can change tack and lift it out in chunks.


It was probably beautiful when it was trimmed in the shape of an Italian cypress. Now it looks like a 500 pound hamster.


1. Don’t start at the trunk. Snip off large branches with bypass loppers until you can get close enough to the trunk to saw it off with a chainsaw outfitted with a semi chisel chain, which is ideal for hard and dirty cutting conditions. Make sure to leave enough of the trunk to form a handgrip or even a lever to help you get the root ball out of the ground.

2. If you intend to plant in or near the same hole, the stump and roots have to come out. The more tree like the shrub, the more difficult this can be. Expose as much of the stump below the ground as possible by digging around it with a shovel, pickaxe, and chisel point pry bar. Cut the roots using the chainsaw if you can do so safely and without hitting a rock or burying the saw’s nose in the dirt. If you can’t, use a reciprocating saw and a bimetal blade designed for cutting wood with nails embedded in it. After the roots have been severed and all that’s left is an oddly shaped hunk of wood, pry it out with your pinch point bar. You can put your foot on this in a gesture of victory, if you like.


It’s like they move themselves to the worst possible place. You dig for a foundation. Rock. Plant a tree. Rock. Lay out a garden? Clear, loamy topsoil. Just kidding: A rock!


To deal with a big one, blast it to smithereens with an EzeBreak Micro blaster, a small scale blasting kit that you don’t need a license to own or use. To start, make a few holes in the rock with a rotary hammer. Thoroughly clean the holes to remove dust and chips, then insert the Micro blaster’s small smokeless powder charges into the holes.

These look somewhat like .410 shotgun shells. Insert firing pins on top of the charges, then activate the pins with compressed air. It’s safe and extremely effective. Rocks are fun.


A patio whose janky, cracked foundation trips you up while you’re holding a tray of freshly grilled steaks is no patio at all.


1. Busting up a concrete slab with a pavement breaker is hard, loud, dirty, and exhausting, so start with the right machine. Pavement breakers range from tools you can use with one hand to industrial monsters powered by four cylinder engines. You want the heaviest electric model you can get. These machines weigh sixty to seventy pounds and are available at tool rental stores.

2. Begin at one edge of the pavement and run the breaker’s bit straight down to break off pieces that are about four inches wide. In most cases the work goes reasonably quickly, but all bets are off if you run into reinforcing metal like rebar or welded wire mesh.

3. If you do hit metal, you’ll need to rent a power cutter, a gas engine circular saw equipped with a diamond impregnated blade that cuts concrete and the reinforcing metal in it.

4. After the pavement is broken (or broken and cut), shovel or lift it into a contractor’s wheelbarrow for transport to a dumpster with a swing out door. This will allow you to wheel the debris right in and then drag your exhausted body back out. Good Job. Go get a beer.


Best Most widely Sports activities Worldwide

best activity sports


Longboarding, and this is referred to as sidewalk surfing, is really a mixture of surfing and even skateboarding which started in Hawaii around 1959 whenever the very first industrial skateboards made an appearance. Skateboards had been offered in large division stores for example Sears and in a few community stores, however skateboards had been frequently considered as kids’ playthings.

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NOMA (the national obsession of millions of Americans) offers powered this particular sports activity on to the listing out of the United States, the effect is minimal. Numerous estimations reveal which, of the four hundred million followers; almost 1/2 originates from the United States of America plus Canada. Growing through soccer in the late nineteenth century, the sports activity had been observed primarily like a club or even school sports activity until the organization of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE in 1920.


Came out in the United States in the late nineteenth century, the very first century of the sports activity had been completely outclassed through people in America. Since it offers gradually distribute all through the globe, some other nations are suffering from excellent skill, Lithuania, Spain, and Australia have the ability to turn out to be competing. The development is partly sparked through the urbanization of the world, because basketball is one of couple of sports activities, which can be performed in minimum levels of area in metropolitan conditions.


Returning in order to the thirteenth century in concept, golf had not been solidified like a sports activity until the earlier 1400’s in Scotland, wherever King James II quickly prohibited this. Perhaps just sports activity wherever the house of source continues to be utilized like an actively playing ground in modern days, the Aged Course in Saint. Andrews continues to be utilized for the final five hundred many years for playing golf. The oblique character of competitors in the game is usually a problem for possible followers in contrast to all the some other sports activities on the listing; golf players will never be head to head in competition with one another, making a insufficient discord or even recognized competition.


Building in England through the game of rounders, baseball offers one of the greatest standing codes regarding performance the main guidelines never have transformed because 1901. The very first official league, the “National League” was started before in 1876 and was comprised of United States teams. The game is exclusive, along with the immediate competitors of solitary players the mixture and pitcher inside a team sports activity.


The best rating sports activity which includes solo competitors, tennis goes back prior to the fourteenth century. King Louis X of France experienced an inside tennis courtroom constructed for themselves in the earlier 1400’s, however it was not till the center of the nineteenth century which the particular modern day guidelines arrived in to put. Among the factors this particular sports activity is really well-known is really because they have in no way already been really completely outclassed with a solo gamer or even country of the Number 1 Rated players more than the final 10 years throughout the Ladies and Mens tours, there were fourteen different players symbolizing eight different nations.

Field Hockey:

Created individually in European countries along with Asian countries in the third century B.C., modern-day guidelines had been created in the nineteenth century England, and distribute in order to the British colonies. India and even Pakistan completely outclassed the sports activity in the middle of the Twentieth century; whilst the later on portion of the decade noticed, Australia and the Netherlands dominate because the main pressure.


Because of the British Empire, this particular sports activity has moved throughout the world. Whilst recommendations reveal it may happen to be performed because much back because the sixteenth century. It had been not really until the earlier 1700s, which the sports activity completely created and had been codified. It really is nevertheless well known throughout the ex-British colonies, especially India and nearby nations, the nations of Australasia, and even West Indies, Southern Africa, and additionally the British Isles.


The simpleness of the sports activity coupled with the easy performance causes this the most widely used sports activity in the globe to try out, along with to view. Variations of the game including the kicking of the ball in the direction of the target happen to be around for hundreds of years; however, it had not been until the middle of the nineteenth century that the correct code of guidelines originated in England.